About Us


Aaron Howard is the founder and MD of Einbeck plant equipment hire. Since 2001, he has grown his business by himself as one of the most successful garden tool rent companies in the UK. Our main warehouse is in Helland Bridge and our plans are to open new places throughout the UK if possible. We are confident we can achieve this because of our success through a recession and many other obstacles along the way that have never phased us. Einbeck has over 50 employees ranging from technicians, to IT experts, to fully qualified mechanics. If you need a assistance, we more than likely have the perfect person to help you, with our broad range of qualified staff. We even have a specialist deliver team that can deliver plant equipment to you and collect in whenever it suits you. If you need a consultation for your business requirements, Aaron is available 5 days a week to help you with everything, if you are planning a large construction project or are a landscape gardener looking for the best tools to source locally. Contact us anytime for further enquiries.